Crane track on concrete

Some crane tracks are applied directly onto concrete. Such a crane track consists of a large steel plate with the rails on it and a clamp attachment. The system can be adjusted to the correct height and length, after which it is ready for use by means of concrete drilling, anchoring and grouting. Such systems are used in new construction projects, renovations or extensions.

Crane track on concrete - continuously supported

A continuously supported crane track is characterised by rails mounted on a continuous steel sole plate with a continuous under cast, which may or may not be mounted in a concrete channel. This system is very suitable for high dynamic wheel loads.

If the wheel load is half of the maximum allowed wheel load on the rails, there is a possibility to omit the steel sole plate. The rail is then anchored to concrete with anchor bolts through the rail foot. The special features are the drilled holes in the rail foot and the continuous underlay. This system is only suitable for crane rails with a wide base (type A).

Crane track on concrete - discontinuously supported

Railsystemen Beton Discontinu

A discontinuously supported crane track is characterised by rails – whether or not mounted in a concrete trough – on steel supporting plates or rail chairs, with a centre-to-centre distance of approx. 500 – 1000 mm.

Each support plate is individually undergirded. Rail supports can be directly integrated with the reinforcement in the concrete. This system is suitable when a continuous support is not necessary or not possible.


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