Trolleyrail maintenance

Nowadays, most modern container cranes operate at high speed. Travel speeds up to 300 m/min are no exception. Together with the hoisting movement, the trolley movement is the most intensively used movement of an STS crane. On a track of less than 100 metres, wheel sets of modern container cranes easily move more than 10,000 km per year. The smallest misalignment of the steel wheels on steel rails has a major impact on the service life of the trolley rails and wheels.

Accurate rail mounting not only significantly slows the wear process, but also contributes greatly to the daily comfort of the crane operator, resulting in a completely different crane driving experience.

We can supply and install complete trolley rails for you.

Trolley rail installation

Railsysteem Staal - trolleyrail Euromax

To guarantee a reliable and quick installation, Bemo Rail is ready to help you with your next replacement project for short rail or trolley rail.

We provide the following services:

  • Engineering
  • Measurements
  • Scaffolding or platform installation
  • Rail welding
  • Replacements of complete rail or folding sections

The Bemo Rail trolley and short rail is a complete tailor-made system solution, fully adapted to your situation, suitable for all ship-to-shore cranes.

We offer:

  • Installation without extra impact on the installation time, in order to reduce operational downtime.
  • A considerable noise reduction.
  • Bemo Rail products specially designed for a long life.

Thanks to our local partners Bemo Rail can offer you worldwide support. Our tailor-made range of products and services is available everywhere.

Trolley rail maintenance

Onderhoudsplatform containterkranen

For replacement of the trolley rail, Bemo Rail uses a self-developed, multifunctional ZPMC maintenance platform for STS cranes. This platform has been specially designed for maintenance, replacement and inspection of the trolley rail.


  • No scaffolding or access platform needed.
  • Operational within three hours.
  • Time savings of approx. 4-5 days for taking the crane out of service.
  • Less disruption of planning and operations for loading and unloading containers.
  • Downtime reduced to a minimum.
  • Safe and proven workplace, provided with a CE mark of quality.
  • Can be used for various purposes such as rail maintenance and inspection.
  • Can be lifted with a machine crane and/or telescopic crane.
  • Supplied in standard shipping container for storage and transport.

Custom made trolley rail

Thanks to our own workshop and engineering department, we can very quickly customize the trolley rail for you.

Our machining capabilities:

  • cutting to size
  • drilling
  • milling
  • bending
  • preservation

Also if you do not know exactly which rail profile to use, Bemo Rail is the right partner for you. Because of our many years of experience, our experts can give you appropriate advice. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Welding operations

Welding of short rail end pieces
The welding electrode we use, matches the quality and characteristics of the parent material as closely as possible. It is of the utmost importance that the weld is made professionally and according to the correct procedure in order to approximate the quality and service life of the rail.

The following properties are important in this respect:

  • Preheating
  • Dry and clean welding environment
  • New electrodes
  • Controlled cooling (hot box)
  • The weld is fully supported, no weld-through and is delivered without (shrinkage) stress.

Mobile milling on laying surface of cranes

In some cases, the bearing surface of the end pieces is permanently deformed. This is often the case with cranes which have waited a long time to be serviced or to replace the end pieces, where the deck is either broken in or deformed. In this case, the surface can be milled. For further questions, please contact our experts.

Trolley rail parts

In addition to the trolley rail maintenance, we also provide an extensive range of trolley rail parts, often available from stock, such as short rail end pieces, steel base plates, (trolley) rail clips and a custom-made maintenance platform for trolley rail.


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