Elastic pad

Elastic pad

Elastic padding is mounted between the rail foot and the steel sole plate. We offer elastic material made of EVA and steel-reinforced rubber in various thicknesses.


The main functions of elastic underlay material are:

  • Better distribution of the load, over a larger surface.
  • Preserves the rail construction.
  • Cancels point loads and the resulting fatigue.
  • It absorbs contact irregularities between the rail and the supporting structure.
  • It reduces noise and vibrations.
  • It minimises wear of the rail and sole plate.

Specifications EVA

MFI (@190gr C 2,16 kg) 3 2 g/10min
Density (@20 gr C) 0,934 0,925 g/cm3 DIN EN iso 183-1
VA content 14 7 %w/w FTIR
Vicat-softening-temperature 65 72 gr C ISO 306 Method A
Hardness Shore A 91 95 ISO 868
Hardness Shore D 35 42 ISO 868
Strength (@50% elongation) 4,3 6 Mpa ISO 527
Tensile strength 19 17 Mpa ISO 527
Elongation (@break) >750 >700 % ISO 527
Processing recommendation 100-150 100-150 gr C

Specifications steel reinforced rubber

Steel reinforced rubber MK6 *MK10
Pad widht Rail foot width plus 0, less 5 to 6mm plus 0, less 5 to 6mm
Pad thickness 7mm nominal(- 0mm / + 0.5mm) 7mm nominal(- 0mm / + 0.5mm)
Pad length 12m (mininum) 12m (mininum)
Shore hardness 75°A ± -5° 75°A ± -5°
Tensile strenght 690 MPa 690 MPa
Max. Tensile strenght 17,5 N/mm2 – 15,0 N/mm2 after ageing 17,5 N/mm2 – 15,0 N/mm2 after ageing
Elogation 305% as supplied - 240% after ageing 305% as supplied - 240% after ageing
Working temperature -25 C° to + 110 C° -25 C° to + 110 C°
Vibration reduction 45%-50% 45%-50%
Rebound resilience 12% 12%
Permanent set <5% (<20% after ageing) <5% (<20% after ageing)
PDF specifications MK6-7mm.pdf MK10-10mm.pdf

The NEW Bemorail MK10 pad is an evolution of the already proven and highly successful MK6 pad. Bemo Rail MK10 steel reinforced pads have been specially designed for the soft mounting of crane rails, and its support substantially improves the performance of heavy duty crane tracks. The “redesigned edge seal” including a re-orientated flute pattern on its top surface and protecting seals virtually eliminates the ingress of contaminants and water which can cause premature failure of the pad, rail and support structure. These seals also improve the compression caused by the nose of the clip, preventing pad movement when the pressure of the rail is released. The updated “design of the grooves” avoids high stresses and resultant damage due to high loads, rail twisting and oscillation.

See the difference in the MK6 & MK10 structures in the image above.


  • Length: 12 metres on a roll.
  • Width: Any width.
  • Standard thickness: 6 mm. Other thicknesses are possible.
  • When installing separate sheets, it is possible to place lugs on both sides. This is possible in every desired dimension.


Steel reinforced rubber

  • MK6: 7mm steel reinforced rubber.
  • MK10: 10mm steel reinforced rubber.



Thanks to better pressure distribution, the use of an elastic underlay mat offers an economic advantage for the life of the rail construction. In addition, a reduction in the load on the supporting structure of at least 25% can be expected (DIN 4132 and CTICM recommendations).

Because of the excellent quality and good experiences Bemo Rail uses the following types:

  • 14003: For standard applications.
  • 07002: For heavy rail constructions (for higher tensile strength: see specification table below).

BemoFlex Trench Belt

The BemoFlex Trench Belt is an efficient and environmentally friendly system, specially designed to extend the life of the cable.

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