Trolley rail parts

Trolley rail parts

We offer an extensive range of trolley rail parts, often available from stock such as:

  • Short rail end pieces
  • Steel sole plates short rail end pieces
  • Trolley rail clips
  • Maintenance platform for Trolley Rail

We can take care of the parts and installation of complete trolley rails.

Short rail end pieces

Trolley driving causes a slight undulation in the rail. This is not desirable at the bridge and clap joints. For a smooth transition, the rail parts should be fixed at the same height. Therefore, the locking pieces are mounted with fixed clips.

Our locking pieces are executed according to the improved “Bemo Rail” variant. In the original ZPMC version the lips of the lock piece are extra strengthened in the soul of the rail by means of welded strips. The insertion of the strips introduces heat into the construction and thus stresses and deforms the workpiece. Also, after welding the strips, the lips have to be aligned.

The Bemo Rail variant is a version milled from a larger profile. For locks made in A75 it is milled out of the rail A100. Milling is a cold process in which the material does not decrease in quality after processing. By milling an A100 back to an A75, a lock piece is obtained with the running surface of an A75 and the soul of an A100.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Extended benefits of the custom milled bottom plate + rail mounting system for the joint.
  • Made to measure for A75 and A100 rails.
  • Reduced vibration for overall crane and cabin comfort.
  • Reduced shocks.
  • Reduced track wear.
  • Minimisation of standard geometric imperfections.
  • Improved clip system to prevent rail slippage.
  • Resistant to heavy dynamic loads for intensive container movements in standard operating conditions.
  • Quick installation.

Steel sole plates short rail end pieces

The steel sole plates for Bemo Rail’s short rail pieces are designed for long life. If the substructure has subsided, the plates are measured for height and then milled to the correct thickness.

The function of base plates is very important in rail installation systems for overhead cranes, harbour cranes or gantries. The purpose of the plates is to obtain a solid construction.

In some cases, the supporting surface of the slots is permanently deformed. Here, a choice can be made to apply (local) additional filler material in the form of 1 or 2 mm sheet metal, or to mill the filler plate in a different thickness.

The latter option is by far the most preferable as the gradient in height is smooth rather than stepped and the plate consists of a single part that is easy to fix. The dimensions of the milled shims are determined prior to the welding process.

Trolley rail clips

Bemo Rail has developed a specially designed trolley rail clips ZPMC Y7B+3, based on years of experience and problem situations encountered by customers. With this clip, we can provide our customers with a higher quality product.

Features of the ZPMC Y7B+3:

  • Increased clamping force
  • Improved vertical contact between the clamp and the short rail base
  • Improved interface between the upper and lower parts of the clip
  • Minimises the transfer of shock and vibrations to the clip
  • Improves power transfer between the short rail, Short Rail Clip

Maintenance platform for Trolley Rail

For replacement of the trolley rail, Bemo Rail uses a self-developed, multifunctional ZPMC maintenance platform for STS cranes. This platform has been specially designed for maintenance, replacement and inspection of the trolley rail.


  • No scaffolding or access platform needed.
  • Operational within three hours.
  • Time savings of approx. 4-5 days for taking the crane out of service.
  • Less disruption of planning and operations for loading and unloading containers.
  • Downtime reduced to a minimum.
  • Safe and proven workplace, provided with a CE mark of quality.
  • Can be used for various purposes such as rail maintenance and inspection.
  • Can be lifted with a machine crane and/or telescopic crane.
  • Supplied in standard shipping container for storage and transport.

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