Rail Consultancy & Engineering

In the design phase we can provide you with tailor-made rail advice. Our engineering department can provide you with:

  • Crane track calculations
  • Technical drawings in design, production and execution phase
  • Customer specific wishes
  • Product innovations
  • Technical advice on site
  • Maintenance survey of your crane track system
  • Geometric crane track measurement
  • Provision of tender specifications for engineering offices

Tailor­made rail products

Thanks to our machine factory and our own in-house engineering, Bemo Rail can provide you with ‘custom-made rail products’.  You may think of the following applications:

  • Fitting pieces
  • Milled rails
  • Folding pieces
  • Castings
  • Rail support plates
  • Transition pieces for ship lifts
  • Earthquake-proof transition constructions
  • Crossing fields
  • Curved rails
  • Crane track switches
  • Research simulation systems with high tolerance accuracy +/- 0,1mm
  • Artwork
  • Business gifts

In short, do you have a technical problem? Then Bemo Rail is the right address for you! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Bemo Rail engineering


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