Bemo Rail is a certified company. We find it extremely important and obvious to work safely, according to the highest quality standards. We invest in the knowledge and skills of our people, they regulary attend courses to remain compliant with the required standards.

Safety Culture Ladder

Safety Culture Ladder Bemo Rail BV

To emphasize the importance of safe working, Bemo Rail has been certified for the NEN safety ladder: Safety Culture Ladder with effect from 2024. In this standard the emphasis is on increasing safety awareness. Safety always has the highest priority within Bemo Rail: “We Work Safely” is our statement for good reason.



EN 1090 exc 4 certificering

Since July 2014 Bemo Rail is certified by DNV for EN1090 at the highest execution level 4.

The requirements for determining the conformity of structural parts as well as the technical requirements for steel structures according to EN1090 have been professionally implemented in the quality system of Bemo Rail.

DNV noted that our employees are passionate and highly skilled. Now we can also officially handle projects by the EN1090 norm, in all execution classes.

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2021 certificate

This document certifies that the quality administration systems of Bemo Rail B.V. has been assessed and approved by QMS Quality Management Systems International GmbH related to the following quality administration systems, standards and guidelines: DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2021

The approved quality administration system apply to the following: design, supply, installation and maintenance of rail-related constructions, rail-related transport systems and rail-related vehicles.

VCA ** 2017/6.0 Certificate

Nederlands Certificatie Kantoor B.V. certifies that the safety management system of Bemo Rail B.V. has been proven to be in accordance with the requirements of the SHE Checklist COntractors (version 2017/6.0). Scope of supply: construction, installation and maintenance of rail-related constructions, rail-related transportation installations and rail-releated vehicles. (NACE code C 28.22).

Welding requirements certificate ISO 3834 2

Bemo Rail meets the highest quality level of the quality assurance system for fusion welding of metallic 3834-2 : Comprehensive quality requirements.

The welding and related activities that affect the integrity of the welds by Bemo Rail meet the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials in the ISO3834 standard. Scope for the entire organisation : manufacturing, assembly , delivery and maintenance of rail-related construction , transport equipment and vehicles. Welding processes : 111 , 135, 136 , 138, 71 .

Bemo Rail works exclusively with qualified welders and in accordance with approved procedures under the supervision of an accredited independent approval authority.