The company has grown considerably in recent years and has developed into a well known global specialist in the design, trade, production and installation of rail and crane tracks and rail-related (internal) transport systems. Over the years, many industry specific products have been developed that give the company a unique place in the market.

The companies core activities are divided into two business units: Rail Technology and Shunting Technology. Our flexible organisation with all-round project managers, well-equipped workshop, in-house production, assembly and maintenance staff can quickly adapt to customer demands.

Mission & Vision


Bemo Rail is the expert in the field of rail systems and rail-related means of transport for industrial companies, storage and transhipment companies. Together we successfully translate the customer’s requirements into practical solutions.


Bemo Rail BV wants:

  • to provide sustainable and customer-oriented service by professional and versatile teams.
  • to be (and to remain) a leader in the market for rail constructions.
  • to be involved in the preliminary phase of a project, resulting in high quality, competitive and practical solutions.
  • to grow towards being market leader in the Netherlands for shunting equipment where functionality and price are totally balanced.
  • to be distinctive in upgrading and modernising existing locomotives.
  • to show the market that the use of sustainable materials and methods is of great importance to Bemo Rail.

Commercial director Teun Druijf

Teun Druijf

From a modest home trading company, Bemo Rail has grown in 50 years into a global expert in the field of rail and shunting technology.

“Needless to say that this doesn’t happen automatically; our organisation is developing and innovating continuously . That Bemo Rail is now recognized as an expert in our field, is something we are very proud of. In 2017, we have been elected as entrepreneur of the year, which was a great honour. These developments and growth would not have been possible without our loyal employees, some of whom have been with us for over 25 years. With their professional knowledge, hard work, expertise and no-nonsense mentality they are the beating heart of Bemo Rail!

As a company we like to invest in the knowledge and skills of our people. For projects abroad we regularly work together with the local population. For some projects we organise in-company trainings. We invited a number of people from Indonesia to the Netherlands for instance, for a welding course, so they could learn how to weld according to our quality standards.”