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Bemo Rail has over 50 years of experience in the development, assembly, sales and maintenance of high-quality crane tracks and rail systems. We provide our customers in various industries with advice, services and rail products.

Bemo Rail has been designing and producing shunting locomotives, train traversers, lorries and shunting winches since the 1980s. In addition to an extensive range of shunting products, we also offer various services such as leasing or renting locomotives, maintenance & revision work, engineering advice and the management and sale of spare parts.

KRE-15 road-rail shunters

United States of America

The KRE-15 model is designed and produced in-house at Bemo Rail. This vehicle can run both on the track and on the road. The great advantage is that the KRE… Read More

Bemo Train Traverser TB135


This Traverser can support 6 tracks, has a running distance of around 30 meter, can carry a work load of 135 ton and has a line up length of 24… Read More

Railconstruction La Ciotat

La Ciotat, France

The work consists of manufacturing, supplying and mounting the rail, type A75 on a continuous sole plate in a trench. This includes a crossingfield and the transition pieces for the… Read More

Abu Dhabi, Khalifah Port Renovatie

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

At the Khalifah Port we started renovating almost 18 kilometres of container stacking cranes, commissioned by AD Ports. Read More

KRE-15 road-rail shunter


Our three KRE-15 shunters are on the way to a client in Canada. The KRE-15 model is designed and produced in-house at Bemo Rail. This vehicle can run both on… Read More

Crane track renovation Tata Steel

IJmuiden, Netherlands

We have renovated a crane track at height on behalf of Tata Steel IJmuiden. The crane track is used by a semi-gantry crane that transports steel plates over the crane… Read More

100m lorry track Atlantikwall Museum


Bemo Rail will rebuild a 100 meter lorry track, in a bunker together with the museum’s volunteer corps for the Atlantic Wall Museum in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Read More

Rail construction Peel Ports

Liverpool, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

For the deep-water container terminal Liverpool2 of Peel Ports Group (UK) we installed cranes rails with concrete sleepers on ballast bed. Our own engineering department designed the solutions for the… Read More

Quench locomotive Tata Steel

IJmuiden, Netherlands

The quench locomotive is used by Tata to transport a quench wagon with cokes. Cokes is a raw material that is used as a reducing agent in the production of… Read More

Rail renovation coal bunker

Alkmaar, Netherlands

For a waste-to-energy plant we replaced the rails, reinstalled the weldable rail clamps and renovated the base plate with injections. Read More

TB100 Traverse GVB


De nieuwe traverse voor Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam is geïnstalleerd en in gebruik genomen. Middels de traverse worden de Siemens Vectron baanlocs op het juiste spoor geplaatst voor hun onderhoudsbeurt. Read More


Diemen, Netherlands

Recently our KRE15RCRV was delivered to GVB HWR in Diemen (Amsterdam). This vehicle can run both on the track and on the road. The capacity is explained in such a… Read More

BRD50 Lyondell

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The 2-axle locomotive is equipped with a diesel hydrostatic drive, suitable for accurate and safe movement. Specifically for Lyondell, the speed is limited to 6km /h. The locomotive is also… Read More

BRD130 DOW Benelux

Rotterdam, Netherlands

In our Bemo workshop, major maintenance was carried out on a BRD130 locomotive from DOW Benelux BV. All hydraulic hoses have been replaced. The locomotive has been delivered to Dow… Read More

Tata Steel Blus Quench locomotives

IJmuiden, Netherlands

Quench Locomotives 102 & 103 are delivered to Tata Steel. Read More

Projecten Indonesië

Belawan, Indonesia

Since 1988 we have done various rail projects in Indonesia. In 1988 we started in Belawan for Pelindo1. Indonesia has been a growing market since 2010 and we have done… Read More

Roland Garros Stadion

Paris, France

Bemo Rail is proud to be part of the unique construction of the retractable roof at the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. Read More

Train Traverse TB100 LWR

Maasvlakte, Netherlands

The traverse serves the 2 arrival tracks, 6 workshop tracks and 8 parking tracks. The traverse is equipped with semi-automatic operation. Read More

Boskalis Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

The project concerns a crane track type A120, on continuous plate cement-based grouting mortars. Read More

Project India


Bemo Rail operates in India. In addition to the production of shunting vehicles there, we have also carried out various projects, such as the installation of this special rail systems. Read More

Traverse TB130

Rozenburg, Netherlands

The traverse serves 4 set-up tracks and 1 bypass track. The traverse is equipped with all essential safety features and the train drivers can use this and a semi automatic… Read More


Amsterdam, Netherlands

This vehicle can run both on the track and on the road, powered by batteries and therefore does not emit exhaust emissions. Read More

BRD130 voor OCI Europoort


De loc zal het rangeerwerk verzorgen voor zowel het eigen OCI werk en ook voor de ETT terminal, die van dezelfde toegangssporen gebruik maakt. Dankzij de instelbare kruipsnelheid maakt het… Read More

APM Terminal Med2

Tanger, Morocco

Commissioned by Willemen, we build ARMG rails and STS rails. Soon we will start the 2nd phase (there are 3 in total) of this prestige project. In consultation with our… Read More

ISR tunnel CERN

Genève, Switzerland

Bemo Rail is currently working in the ISR tunnel of CERN, located near Geneva. CERN is a European organization that conducts nuclear research into elementary particles. In this underground tunnel,… Read More

Seaport Turkmenistan

Türkmenbaşı Seaport, Turkmenistan

Bemo Rail assembles of 15 kilometers of A100 rails, with WDM16 rail clips, sole plates and fastening material. Read More

Railwissel CERN

Genève, Switzerland

Bemo Rail could establish a lorry crane to change the rail sections. In total there are 24 flash-butt welds made in a time of 24 hours. Read More

ARMG tracks DP World

Antwerpen, Belgium

Bemo Rail has delivered 3 new ARMG tracks (for stacking containers) at DP World Antwerp. These tracks will also be maintained by us. Read More

Railconstruction for Sobeys

Stellarton, Canada

996 meter rail construction in a distribution center of supermarket chain Sobeys. Read More

Culture Shed New York

New York, United States of America

Bemo Rail has awarded the contract for 28 pieces MRS 221 thermite welds to make in downtown New York. The rail system will be used on the roof of the… Read More

Pretpark in China


Bemo Rail has been commissioned to supply specially machined rails and clips for a theme park in China. It concerns milled rails type A150 and rail clips type FM20. Read More

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Hong Kong, China

Bemo Rail has crane track A75 fitted with an adjustable clip continuously supported . The rails are welded by a puddle arc process. Read More