Rail products

Bemo Rail has many rail and crane track products in stock We offer an extensive range of products including rails, rail clips, rail plates, bolts, sleepers, buffers and elastic material.

Custom-made products

We offer both standard products, as well as industry specific custom-made rail products. Our products are thoroughly designed by our in-house engineers and made from high-quality materials in our modern, fully equipped workshop, complying with international quality and safety standards.

With our extensive product range, we serve many customers in various industries, such as the steel & mining industry, container terminals, shipyards, heavy industry, bulk transhipment companies, concrete & cement industry and in metro & light rail projects.


What can Bemo Rail do for you? As a specialist in rail and crane track technology we can help you make the right choice in products and services. Do you want to exchange ideas? Contact us to discuss the options.

Bemo Rail has over 50 years of experience in selling rail components and is specialised in assembling, renovating and maintaining high-quality crane, rail track and rail systems.

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Rail services

Bemo Rail has over 50 years of experience in developing, assembling and maintaining high-quality crane and rail tracks and rail systems. Visit our service page for more information.


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Shunting products

The Bemo Rail business unit Shunting Technology develops and builds shunting locomotives, train traversers, road-rail vehicles and lorries. Click on the button for more information about Shunting products and services.


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