Shunting vehicles

Bemo Rail has been designing and producing shunting locomotives since the 1980s.

The Bemo shunting locomotive, also called a rail shunter, is mainly used by companies that move wagons themselves over (internal) tracks, such as industry and transhipment companies. Our locomotives are applicable worldwide and extremely suitable for use in heavy-duty conditions.

Bemo Rail designs and manufactures your shunting locomotive entirely on its own account and with first-class components. For several satisfied (international) customers, customer-specific versions have been designed, built from our standard components of high quality. Because of this modular construction, many variations in capacity, speed and traction are possible.

We are constantly innovating and attach great value to the (further) development of our shunting products.

Technical possibilities


  • Continuously variable speed control from “0
  • Very smooth start off with particularly favourable slip limit because of absence of peak forces.



  • Standard Bemo locomotive control, specifically designed for use under heavy-duty
  • Trembling- and temperature-resistant
  • Manually and/or radio remote controlled, if required with explosion proof encapsulation.
  • Accelerating and braking according to fixed curves, as a result of which:
    • Always very steady behaviour (reaction) of the rail shunter
    • Incorrect control is virtually impossible.
    • Consequently any operator can work with the rail shunter.


Environmental and health and safety legislation

  • Limited noise level
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Clean diesel engines
  • Electric or hybrid drive
  • Ergonomic accessibility for operation and service



  • Emergency buttons on all corners of the machine, especially in combination with radio remote control.
  • Integration of gas detection into the control unit, when used in Ex-zones (optional)
  • Security by means of additional proximity/reflection switches (optional)
  • Excellent overview from the cabin


  • All shunting operations can be carried out by one operator
  • Easy to operate control system
  • Clear graphic display for operating status and maintenance (HMI /GUI)



  • High quality components are installed as standard, such as A-class engines.
  • Overall sprung axle suspension with fully closed reductors, resulting in:
    1. Reducing damage to switches
    2. Reducing the risk of derailment
  • Long technical lifetime
  • Short delivery times on parts



  • Easily accessible, no special lubrication pit required
  • Daily maintenance can be performed by in-house technical service
  • Intervals are set up as optimally as possible, depending on the application


Shunting couplers

  • All types of shunting couplers
  • All associated adapters
  • Automatic or non-automatic


Pneumatic installations

  • Equipped with pneumatic installation for (wagon) brakes.
  • For the control of various components.
  • Compressor output, tank capacity and version are selected according to the use of the locomotive.


Track gauge

  • Standard track gauge of 1435 mm
  • Wide and narrow gauge possible
  • Applicable worldwide


Thanks to our in-house engineering department, a fully equipped workshop and the necessary knowledge of rails and wagons, the possibilities are numerous. For example, you can choose from various drive options such as hydrostatic or hydrodynamic drive with diesel engine, or an electric or hybrid drive. The locomotive can be operated manually, but also by remote control. Our shunting locomotives can be built with a power of 10kN to 300kN and have a tensile strength varying from 50 to 4800 tons.

Safe and environmentally friendly

From the first design phase of the machines, Bemo Rail pays a lot of attention to safety, ergonomics and environmental aspects. The ergonomically designed control panels, in combination with an ample all-round view from the cabin, make the safe operation of the machine complete. A well-balanced control system ensures that all components are carefully controlled. The Bemo shunting locomotive has been designed using the most modern techniques and taking into account the applicable EC/TSI/UIC standards and legislation.

Of course we can provide you with an advice without engagement. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Check the technical possibilities below.