Why maintenance?

The primary goal of maintenance is to increase the reliability of your installation and, therefore, the rail system. Maintenance detects any defects in time and reduces the risk of the installation or rail system suddenly becoming out of order and suffering major (economic) damage. A well-maintained rail system has a positive effect on the life span and reliability of your installation.

In addition to greater operational safety, legislation under the Working Conditions Act and machinery directives requires that your installation, equipment or crane track be regularly inspected and maintained by qualified personnel.

Benefits of doing business with Bemo Rail

  • Innovative and enthusiastic partner
  • Well-trained, experienced and qualified staff
  • Maintenance of all types of rail constructions
  • Local presence with worldwide knowledge
  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Large stock of spare parts available
  • Own production facility for customised solutions
  • Certified according to EN- 1090-4, ISO 9001, VCA and ISO 3834-2


Visual recording

We are happy to visit you for an introductory meeting and to carry out a visual survey in order to gain a general impression of your rail construction requirements. With this information, we can provide you with an appropriate (maintenance) advice tailored to your needs. Our business office, with its own engineers, can also provide you with customised advice.


The purpose of an inspection is to assess the condition of the crane track in detail and to record this in a report. Besides reporting and recording the observations, conclusions and recommendations are also made. The report is discussed with you and, in consultation, a quote is given for any repairs.

Preventive maintenance

The aim of preventive maintenance is to check the condition of the rail system at a fixed frequency and to maintain it where necessary. Bemo Rail recommends carrying out preventive maintenance annually. The maintenance inspection includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of the rail system
  • Visual inspection of welds and/or transitions
  • Measurement of wear on the rail
  • Checking the crane wheel’s running surface on the rail
  • Checking the fasteners
  • “Repair before it breaks” within the predefined budget

Measuring the rail system

Measuring the rail system is intended to establish its geometry. The results of the measurements are recorded in a report. The measurement report identifies the position of the rail system in height and direction. In the report, the values found are tested against the standards used.

Based on the findings in the report, we can advise you on the measures to be taken. The frequency of surveying depends on a number of factors and differs for each situation.

Maintenance contract

Legislation stipulates in the Working Conditions Act and in the Machine Directive, among other things, that you must have your crane track inspected and maintained regularly by qualified personnel.

Bemo Rail offers service and preventive maintenance on all rail systems regardless of make or type, assuming that they can be reached under normal circumstances. A Bemo Rail maintenance contract assures regular maintenance of your crane track for optimum performance.

During preventive maintenance your crane track will be inspected for general condition, rail fractures, wear and tear and fasteners. After the maintenance, a checklist will be drawn up, in which our findings are noted.

Maintenance is carried out by our own qualified technicians, so that we can always guarantee the quality of the services provided.

A maintenance agreement with Bemo Rail offers benefits all year round. In addition to periodic maintenance of your systems, you will also be given priority in the event of breakdowns within the scope of our planning.


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