Buffers prevent your ‘product’ from sliding off the crane track. Bemo Rail has a lot of experience in the calculation, design, manufacture and assembly of buffers. Calculations are carried out in accordance with DIN 15018 4.3.2. All buffers are made to measure and meet the requirements of the customer and EN 1090-1.

Type of buffer

  • Rail buffer: Buffers are clamped to the rails with special clips.
  • Concrete buffer: buffers are mounted on the concrete structure with anchor bolts.
  • (Overhead) crane runway buffer: bumpers are mounted on a steel beam with a bolt-on solution.

Type of energy absorber*

To eliminate the crane energy, there is a choice of 3 types of transducers:

  • Rubber or Cellular plastic buffer
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • None required, with sufficient energy absorbers on the crane.





Design data

The following data are required for the design of an impact buffer:

Energy absorbers:

  • H = height from the centre of the crane’s contact point to the top of the rail profile.
  • P = Impact force in kN.

*  If P is not known, it is calculated from the mass and speed of the crane. m = the mass of the crane. v = the maximum travelling speed.

Apart from bump stops for crane tracks, Bemo Rail can also supply buffer frames for railway tracks.

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