Light and tram rail

Light rail is widely used in underground mining activities, but it is also suitable for light transport solutions such as subway, tram and train transport. We offer both European and American light rail profiles.

Our rails are available in various standard lengths and steel grades or can be custom-made for customers by our engineering department depending on the customer's requirements. In our modern well-equipped workshop rails can be cut to the desired size or processed otherwise. With the skills of our dedicated staff and state-of-the-art equipment many necessary processing options are available, such as the drilling, milling, bending and preserving of rails.

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Rail types
European profiles S18 S20 S24 S30 S31 S39 S41A
American profiles ASCE 60 ASCE 80 ASCE 85
Conductor rail RG28
Contact rail STR40 STR74

The admitted wheel load from the rail table is based on the steel grade of the rail, the applied rail system, the wheel diameter and standard service factors as defined in DIN 15070. When optimizing these factors the maximal wheel load can be increased by approximately 35%.

Steel grades

70 690 355 12 200
80 780 390 10 230
90 880 440 8 260
70 Va 690 450 15 200
80 Va 780 490 12 230
90 Va 880 540 10 260
100 Cr-Va 980 590 8 290
110 Cr-Va 1080 640 7 320

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