BemoFlex Trench Belt

BemoFlex Trench Belt

The BemoFlex Trench Belt is our cable protection system, an efficient and environmental-friendly system, designed to protect crane power cables from dirt and damage caused by heavy traffic at container terminals, shipyards or industrial plants.

Characteristics BemoFlex Trench Belt

  • Ensures that cables fit correctly into the trench or channel
  • Extends the life span of cables
  • Flexible strap with reinforced steel core
  • Prevents the accumulation of debris in the trench
  • Safe! Prevents trip injuries and possible accidents to pedestrians and staff
  • Protection against electrocution
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for any cable guide
  • Suitable for modern and automatic machines


Universal system: the connection of the different belt lengths is made with stainless steel coupling links.

Vulcanisation system: using special equipment different belt lengths can be joint, creating an uninterrupted run of the belt. With this system, we reduce the risk of breakage caused by damaged coupling links.

We can develop a tailor-made solution for your old cable duct. All BemoFlex Trench Belt systems can be fitted with vulcanised yellow line warning markings .


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