Recess filling

Recess filling

When rail constructions are installed in a trough, the market increasingly asks for and demands filling of the free space between the crane track and the concrete.

The purpose:

  • Keeping the recess free of dirt and water
  • Preventing the risk of tripping
  • Improved crossability, safe crossing of people and vehicles


Traditionally, the spaces in the recess are filled with recess filling based on:

  • Cold cast asphalt or bitumen
  • Asphalted concrete
  • Bonded rubber granulate

When filling the recess it is important that the properties of the rail construction are maintained and that the crane wheels are not hindered. For this purpose Bemo Rail has developed a system based on rubber liquid-mortar, which can be applied more efficiently under the most diverse conditions.

Rubber liquid­mortar

Bemo Rail has developed material on the basis of rubber liquid-mortar. This rubber liquid-mortar is elastic, non-shrinkable and remains compressible. It consists of rubber granulates and a two-component liquid mass, on the basis of reactive polymers. The upper 25 mm. of the rubber liquid can be applied in a different proportion, which results in a denser, waterproof structure that also adheres very well to steel and concrete. The material is easy to drive over, safe and provides good cushioning due to the addition of rubber. The advantage of the material is that it is less stressful for a reach stacker at container terminals to drive over the crane track.



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