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Webpage requests and receiving data from the website data is handeled via a secure (HTTPS) connection. You can recognize this by the ‘lock’ in the address bar of your browser, or the ‘safe’ notification.

Via this connection, all data can be sent and received ‘encrypted’. A security technique that is also used at banks. Only the recipient has the key to read the data. Therefore its is not possible for third parties to intercept information from your visit.


The data you provide is sent via a secure HTTPS connection. Submitted forms are not saved on our website for longer than necessary and removed after processing.


  • What are cookies: cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you use the Website. Functional and technical cookies are necessary to enable you to use the Website, and to allow us to measure and improve the effectiveness and quality of our Website.
  • Why we use Cookies: we use cookies to analyze and optimize the user experience of the Website. With your consent, we may also use cookies to show recommendations and advertisements tailored to your interests, and to develop marketing campaigns for specific target groups.
  • Functional cookies: this website uses functional cookies for the correct technical operation of the website. This is standard functionality without any kind of visitor identification.
  • Statistics cookies: for tracking visitor statistics, simple website statistics are used in which only data traffic is maintained and no personal information or IP addresses are recorded.
  • Google: this website uses Google Analytics functionality for measuring website statistics. No visitor information is shared with Google, Google Analytics and / or Google Addwords. The IP address of visitors is anonymized, making identification via IP impossible.
  • Marketing / tracking cookies: this website does uses marketing and tracking cookies.
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For professional support and advice, please contact your ICT supplier or specialist who manages your ICT hardware and software for you.


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