ZPMC maintenance platform STS

ZPMC maintenance platform STS

Bemo Rail introduces a self-developed, multifunctional ZPMC trolley rail maintenance platform for STS cranes. This platform has been especially designed for maintenance, replacement and inspection of the trolley rail. The platform is especially developed and suitable for ZPMC cranes.

We are supplier and manufacturer of all necessary materials regarding trolley rail. The maintenance platform is designed and manufactured in our own Bemo Rail workshop in Warmenhuizen. Our motorised work platform has a hydraulic drive, operated by remote control. The work platform is placed on the trolley rail by the service crane in the machine house or by a mobile crane.

Cost savings

By using the working platform, your project can be done in a shorter time than, for example, with scaffolding. The use of the service platform saves you approximately one week of unnecessary downtime, during which the greatest cost savings are made by the shortened downtime of the crane. The downtime of one Ship-to-Shore (STS) container crane costs an average of 30,000 euros per day.

It is also possible to test the rail after it has been replaced by simply lowering the platform. If any defects are found, the work platform can be quickly repositioned.


  • No scaffolding or access platform required.
  • Operational within three hours.
  • Time savings of approx. 4-5 days for taking the crane out of service.
  • Less disruption to planning and operations for loading and unloading containers
  • Downtime reduced to a minimum.
  • Safe and proven workplace, provided with a CE mark of quality.
  • Can be used for various purposes such as rail maintenance and inspection.
  • Can be lifted with a machine crane and/or telescopic crane.
  • Delivered in standard sea container for storage and transport

Maintenance and renovation work

Maintenance and renovation work is necessary in order to increase the reliability of your installation and, consequently, of the rail system. During a renovation, defects are resolved in time. This prevents the installation or the rail system from being out of operation unintentionally, resulting in major (economic) damage.

We use certified rail welders with many years of rail welding experience for the replacement of rail pieces.

The platform is a safe and proven workstation with a CE mark and can be used for various purposes:

  • Rail maintenance and periodic inspection.
  • Replacing short rail end pieces
  • Blasting and preservation work
  • Replacement of rail clips and sole plates.

Trolley rail materials

You can also contact Bemo Rail for trolley rail materials, such as:

  • Trolley rails
  • Rail clips with rubber nose
  • Transition pieces
  • Short rail end pieces
  • (Steel reinforced) elastic sole plates

Have a look at our product range for more information.

Gallery maintenance platform

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