Synthetic crane track sleepers

Synthetic crane track sleepers

Synthetic crane track sleepers are made of recycled plastic, a strong product with a long life span of approx. 50 years. Plastic has been used for bridges worldwide for many years. In addition, it is also used for switches, train tracks, subways, GVB companies and in industrial applications. The advantage is the high production capacity; the product is strong, durable, lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and fully recyclable.

Characteristics of synthetic crane track sleepers:

  • Expected service life of approx. 50 years.
  • Fully recycled material & recyclable.
  • High capacity 100,000 units and scalable.
  • Used all over the world.
  • Resistant to forming due to pressure loads.
  • Toughness, plastic absorbs energy during loading.

We also supply synthetic railway sleepers.

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