Rail clips for all rail profiles

Rail clips are used for fixing rails to steel or sleepers. Bemo Rail offers an extensive range of rail clips for all rail profiles, both standard as well as designed by our in-house engineering department.

Adjustable, weldable, rubber nose rail clips heavy sideload

Standard boltable rail clips

Adjustable boltable rail clips

Trolley rail clips

Adjustable weldable rubber nose rail clips

Adjustable weldable rail clips

Spring clips

Standard and customised rail clips

Rail clips and clamping plates are used for fixing rails to steel or sleepers. Bemo Rail offers an extensive range of rail clips, both standard as well as customised. Our clips are thoroughly designed by our engineering department and can be applied to all rail profiles. We have been supplying the largest container terminals in the world for many years. Regular customers include PSA, Hutchison, DP World, APM and TILL Group.

The choice of the rail clip you need depends on several elements, such as the rail profile, the chosen rail system (concrete, steel, ballast) and the purpose of the rails. Our experts can provide you with custom-made advice.

With more than half a century of experience in the sale, assembly and renovation of rail products, our engineering experts also advice architects and engineering companies when drawing up specifications and conditions. Usually the specifications already prescribe a type of clip. You can contact us for the Bemo Rail clips and all other brands, such as Gantrex, Raillok, Pandrol, Vossloh, Nabla and Grantrail.

Bemo Rail can supply all standard rail clips from stock.

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