Container Terminals

Container Terminals


Bemo Rail has been carrying out assignments for container terminals worldwide since the 1980s. We are experts in new building, renovation and maintenance of container stacking tracks. We also carry out renovation work and can supply the necessary rail materials.


  • DP World Antwerpen  | 1905m AS86 rail
  • APMT Tanger MED2 | 14600m MRS87A & 2400m A150
  • ADP Khalifa Ports | 17000m AS86 stack renovation
  • ECT Euromax Rotterdam |  18000m MRS87A rail
  • Peel Ports Liverpool |  1950m MRS87A, 1386m AS86 rail
  • EECV, Rotterdam |  7650m UIC54A rail
  • BASF, Ludwigshafen an Rhein | 1010m AS86 rail
  • PSA Singapore, TUAS phase I 28000m CR73 Material supply
  • Indonesia Makassar New Port | 3840m CR73 rail
  • Indonesia Kijing Port Kalimantan | 1500m A150 rail

ZPMC maintenance platform STS

For (periodic) maintenance and renovation work, we have developed a special ZPMC maintenance platform STS for container terminals. The advantage of using the Bemo Rail STS maintenance platform is that no scaffolding or access platform is required. The platform is a safe and well-proven working place with a CE-marking and can be used for various purposes such as rail maintenance and inspection.


  • No scaffolding or access platform needed.
  • Operational within three hours.
  • Time savings of approx. 4-5 days for taking the crane out of service.
  • Less disruption of planning and operations for loading and unloading containers.
  • Downtime reduced to a minimum.
  • Safe and proven workplace, provided with a CE mark of quality.
  • Can be used for various purposes such as rail maintenance and inspection.
  • Can be lifted with a machine crane and/or telescopic crane.
  • Supplied in standard shipping container for storage and transport.

Services Bemo Rail

In addition to our standard products, we also offer our own rail products and custom-made solutions for your industry. The solutions are designed by our in-house engineers and thanks to our fully equipped workshop, we can also customise many rail products entirely in-house.


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