KRE -15 road­rail shunters

Road-rail shunting vehicle without CO2 emission

Three new Bemo KRE-15 road-rail vehicles are put into use. This vehicle can drive both on a track and on the road. The KRE-15 is powered by batteries and therefore does not emit any CO2.

In-house design and production of rail-road vehicles

The KRE15 is designed and produced in-house by Bemo Rail. This modern, safe and user-friendly locomotive can be manufactured in many versions. The rail-road vehicle is constructed from our standard components. Due to this modular construction, many variations in capacity, speed and pulling force are possible.

Contact with Bemo Rail about road-rail shunting vehicle without CO2 emissions

Bemo Rail is specialised in custom-made solutions. Thanks to our fully equipped workshop and in-house engineering department, we can build special shunting structures tailor-made. Click here if you want to know more about our services and products.


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