Rail construction La Ciotat Shipyards

We are proud to announce that we started the installation of the rail construction at La Ciotat Shipyards, a new port in the south of France.

The work consists of manufacturing, supplying and mounting the rail, type A75 on a continuous sole plate in a trench. This includes a crossingfield and the transition pieces for the transition to the elevator.

We also supplied the rails and railcrossings for the platform, which can lift approximately 4200 tons. The intention is that large luxury yachts with a length of approximately 120 meters can be stationed at the new port for maintenance.

The rails are welded together using the flashbutt welding method, in the rail industry this method is known as the most reliable way to weld rails. The goal is to weld approximately 40 welds per day. We have a total of 400 welds to make. The total length of the rail track is approximately 6 kilometers.

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