Tailor made products

The engineers of our business office design shunting locomotives, winches, train traversers, lorries and special shunting products according to your specific wishes.

We are continuously innovating and attach great value to the (further) development of our shunting products.

Thanks to years of (worldwide) experience Bemo Rail is able to offer, both for new and for existing company locations, a solution from A to Z for the most efficient rail-bound transport system. We can design and produce the infrastructure for you.

When production takes place in various departments, it is practical to transport semi-finished products and finished products by using trolleys and overhead cranes. Bemo Rail advises and can present a tailor-made plan for a smoothly running infrastructure. Generally this means that a rail system for which Bemo Rail designs and produces the lorries and railcars, is used. In this way the production runs off most efficiently.

Please contact us without any obligation to discuss the possibilities. We will be pleased to make a suitable proposal on the basis of your wishes.


Our service staff ensure that your vehicles are never unnecessarily immobilised!

We offer a wide range of services, 24-hour service, keep stock of spare parts for customers and periodic maintenance of shunting locomotives, train / wagon shunting systems, lorries and train traversers.

We tailor our services to the wishes and needs of the customer to increase the quality & efficiency of our services and to reduce the costs.

Tailor-made shunting vehicles


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