We make the traversers entirely under our own management, each traverse is tailor-made and adapted to the customer’s wishes. Besides construction, we can also take care of transport and installation on site.

Rail terminals

At rail terminals, the wagons are delivered to one of the tracks by train, after which the locomotives can traverse via the traverse to a bypass track (or a free siding). Via the diverter, the locomotives can then shunt to the other side of the wagons that are ready for use on one of the stabling tracks. These wagons can then be taken away again by train.


In workshops, a traverse is used to move locomotives or wagons from the siding sideways to a specific hall. It can also be used to traverse wagons or locomotives from one hall to another, for example from a damage department to an assembly department.

The major advantage of the traverse is that there is no need for long and expensive bypass tracks with many points. It also leaves space available for other purposes.

Made to measure

Train traversersare made to measure. The design is determined in particular by the span, load and the number of tracks to be served. There are also many options when it comes to operation, from manual operation with positioning by sight to (semi) automatic positioning by means of radio control or via a network. The control system can also be included in a maintenance and operational diagnostic system. The traverse will also be equipped with the necessary safety devices, such as a safety device against driving off, a switchable shore locking system and all the necessary signal lighting.

The entire project consists of the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the entire traverse. All safety and signalling devices contribute to a safe and user-friendly installation. In addition, we advise our customers on the civil interface between shore and traverse.

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