Customised electric shunting locomotive

Like all our locomotives, the specifications of the final product depend on customer needs and requirements and construction takes place in the Bemo Rail workshop in the Netherlands. In addition to the battery version, Bemo Rail also manufactures BRE locomotives that obtain power from a cable reel, overhead catenary (OHC) or third rail.

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See below for the technical options.

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  • Continuously variable speed control from “0
  • Smooth start off with favourable slip limit because of absence of peak forces.


  • Standard Bemo locomotive control, designed for use under heavy-duty circumstances
  • Vibration- and temperature-resistant
  • Manual and/or radio remote control, if required within ATEX conditions
  • Accelerating and braking according to fixed curves, as a result of which:
    • The rail shunter always behaves and reacts steadily
    • Incorrect control is nearly impossible
    • Any operator should be able to work with the railshunter

 Environmental and health & safety legislation

  • Limited noise level
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Electric or hybrid drive
  • Ergonomical accessibility for operation and service


  • Emergency buttons on all corners of the machine, combined with radio remote control
  • Integration of gas detection into the control unit,when used in ATEX conditions (optional)
  • Security through additional proximity/reflection switches (optional)
  • Excellent overview from the cabin


  • All shunting operations can be performed by one operator
  • Easy to operate control system
  • Clear graphic display for operating status and maintenance (HMI /GUI)


  • High quality components are installed as a standard, such as an A-class engine
  • Overall sprung axle suspension with fully closed reductors, resulting in:
    • Reducing damage to switches
    • Reducing the risk of derailment
  • Long technical life span
  • Short delivery time on spare parts


  • Easily accessible, no special maintenance pit required
  • Daily maintenance can be performed by in-housetechnical service
  • Optimal set-up of intervals depending on the application

Shunting couplers

  • All types of shunting couplers
  • All associated adapters
  • Automatic or non-automatic

Pneumatic systems

  • Equipped with pneumatic system for (wagon) brakes
  • Control of various components
  • Compressor output, reservoir capacity and version are selected depending on the use of the locomotive

Track gauge

  • Standard track gauge of 1435 mm
  • Wide and narrow gauge possible
  • Applicable worldwide

Bemo Rail Shunting locomotive range

Bemo Rail offers various types of shunting vehicles, the overview on the right shows the range of our shunting vehicles. Our locomotives are powered by any kind of propulsion system: engines with hydrostatic, hydrodynamic or electrical drive, by battery-electric or hybrid drive. The vehicles can be operated manually or by remote control.

Bemo Rail designs and manufactures bespoke shunters from scratch at its facilities in the Netherlands, combining and tailoring standard components to customer-specific needs and requirements. This modular approach to construction makes it possible to deliver any combination of capacities, speeds and pulling forces.

Right from the very first pencil stroke for a new design to the delivery of a brand new locomotive we focus on safety, ergonomics and sustainability. With our well-equipped workshop and an industry-savvy engineering department, anything is possible at Bemo Rail.

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