Installation of rail construction for La Ciotat Shipyards completed

Rail construction at French port for luxury yachts

After many months of welding, we are proud to announce that we completed the installation of the rail construction at La Ciotat Shipyards, in September 2022. Bemo Rail delivered and installed approximately 6250 meters of rail type A75. A significant part of the rails construction has been processed in a big cross field. Bemo also supplied the rail construction for the 4300 ton boat lift and transition pieces. Luxury yachts with a length of approximately 120 meters can be stationed at this new port in the south of France for maintenance.

Flashbutt welding is most reliable way to weld rail

The rails were welded together using the flashbutt welding method. This method is known in the rail industry as the most reliable way to weld rails. Approximately 40 welds per day were made, of a total of 400 welds. The total length of the rail track is approximately 6 kilometers.

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