New building

We have worldwide experience with the construction of new rail constructions. Besides good equipment we have enthusiastic professionals who deliver your project within the accurate (international) assembly standards. Bemo Rail has a group of experienced managers who can supervise local professionals.

Rail systems on concrete, steel and ballast are among the possibilities. We also offer special tailor-made systems.

Benefits Bemo Rail:

  • Structural drawings and calculations rail constructions
  • In-house engineering and production
  • HSE and work plan documents prior to execution
  • Custom advice and products
  • Facilitation of worldwide logistics and documentation
  • Skilled & certified personnel
  • Large stock range
  • Advice tender specifications / specifications to engineering offices

Because of the advantages Bemo Rail has to offer, we are able to facilitate your project from A to Z. We have a solution for every challenge!


Bemo Rail has well-trained, experienced and qualified staff to carry out renovation work on all forms of rail systems regardless of location, make or type. Maintenance and renovation work is necessary to increase the reliability of your installation and, consequently, of the rail system. During a renovation, defects are resolved in time, which prevents the installation or rail system from being out of operation unintentionally, and causing major (economic) damage.


  • Repairing rail defects
  • Replacing fasteners
  • Injecting loose sole plates
  • Grinding or deburring rails
  • Repairing underlay
  • Brightening and shifting rail construction
  • Shifting rail construction
  • Replacing hinges
  • Replacement of trolley rail
  • Elevating or optimising the entire rail construction

Periodic maintenance

We can also maintain your rail construction periodically. We can offer a range of special maintenance contracts with a wide range of possibilities.

The possibilities mentioned above are only a fraction of our options; please contact us for tailor-made advice.


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