New railsystem EECV Europoort Port of Rotterdam the Netherlands

Renewal of rail systems Port of Rotterdam

In the port of Rotterdam, Bemo Rail BV has renewed various rail systems for Ertsoverslagbedrijf Europoort (EECV), located in the Europoort area, for the modernisation of the installations for ore handling and the logistics installations.

Rails, sleepers, sole plates and rail clips for rail system renewal

Within a period of a few weeks, the rail systems were renewed in phases, according to a tight schedule. In April 2016 and November 2017, a total of 7,000 meters of rail UIC54a was renewed on 12,000 wooden azobé sleepers fitted with sole plates and rail clips.

Delivery and installation of rail constructions in port

Bemo Rail arranged the deliveries, the earthworks, the building of the ballast bed with 10,000 tons of ballast material, including the installation of rail construction within precise tolerances. The materials were delivered by ship and unloaded in the Dintelhaven.

Bemo Rail in-house workshop and engineering team

The sleepers were drilled and fitted with base plates in the in-house workshop in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands.

A fantastic assignment and a great challenge!

Contact with Bemo Rail about renovation rail constructions and rail systems

Click here for contact with Bemo Rail about new construction and renovation of rail constructions and rail systems.

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