BRD130 for OCI Europoort

After a successful construction and successful delivery in Europoort, the new Bemo BRD130 for OCI Europoort has recently been delivered. The locomotive will take care of the shunting work for both its own OCI work and also for the ETT terminal, which uses the same access tracks. Thanks to the adjustable crawling speed, OCI makes it possible to weigh the wagons on the weighbridge while driving. Furthermore, the locomotive is also equipped with Tag readers that prevents unauthorized operation. And the locomotive is just like the new Bemo locomotive at Yara in the beautiful orange-gray color combination. The locomotive again has the characteristic good accessibility for operators, maintenance engineers and the addition of fuel.

The locomotive is being let to OCI for 10 years, including maintenance and is therefore added to our current rental fleet.


Rail shunter


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