Bemo Rail in Asia

Since 1988 we have done various rail projects in Indonesia. In 1988 we started in Belawan for Pelindo1. Indonesia has been a growing market since 2010 and we have done several projects in Gilimas, Makassar, Cilegon and Kalimantan.

To meet the growing demand in Asia, we have several offices in Asia. PT Bemo Rel in Indonesia and Bemo MMP LTD in Singapore. We also have an office in North Africa: STE BEMORAIL SARL in Morocco. In addition, KRE15RCRV and KRE30RCRV locomotives are also produced in India for the Indian market. Thanks in part to these expansions, our organisation is now more than ever able to meet the needs of our customers all over the world flexibly, quickly and completely!


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