Sleepers, also known as sleepers or track girders, are part of the superstructure construction of crane tracks and railways. The sleepers support the rails and thus also the systems that run over them. It is important that the rails are and remain stable, so that a crane or train cannot derail and does not cause unnecessary vibration and noise. Sleepers do not reduce noise or vibration, but can cause a great deal of inconvenience if they deviate.

Types of sleepers

Besides sleepers for crane tracks (of concrete, synthetic or wood) Bemo Rail also supplies standard rail sleepers.

Unique are our concrete crane track sleepers for a wheel load standard up to 450 kN. These are extremely suitable for locations where founded concrete constructions are not sufficient because of the ground settlement. These heavy-duty crane runway sleepers have been specially developed for RMG (ARMG) cranes by Konecranes, ZPMC, Gottwald, Kuenz, Liebherr and Kalmar, among others. They are often used in container terminals with a ‘soft’ surface.


At Bemo Rail we think quality and durability are very important. That’s why we are constantly innovating, looking for the best applications and materials. In addition to our standard materials it is therefore also possible to choose one of our innovative products. We also offer bamboo sleepers and sulphur concrete sleepers.

Bamboo: bamboo absorbs 5 times more C02 and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent piece of forest with trees. In addition, it grows up to 1 metre a day without destroying the bamboo forest. The bamboo is split into strips and the loose fibres are compressed with an environmentally friendly resin, resulting in a very strong and robust material, ideal for sleepers.

Sulphur concrete: Sulphur concrete is 100% circular, has low C02 emissions and does not lose quality.  The product is similar to ordinary concrete, whereby the cement and water have been replaced by sulphur.

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Concrete sleepers

Concrete crane track sleepers are heavier than wooden or plastic sleepers and are therefore ideally suited for vehicles with heavier wheel loads. An additional advantage of concrete is its long service life of at least 40 years and low maintenance costs.

Because of its long life span, a concrete sleeper is more environmentally friendly than a wooden sleeper. Concrete also absorbs C02 during its lifetime, which ensures a low C02 footprint. Because of the production method of a concrete crossbeam, dimensional stability (within the set tolerances) is guaranteed.

Concrete crane track sleepers:

  • Manufactured from very high-quality pre-stressed concrete.
  • Suitable for a maximum wheel load of 450 kN; higher is possible on request.
  • Minimum lifespan is approx. 40 years.
  • Relatively low construction costs.
  • Low C02 foot pressure.
  • Easy to adjust after settlement.
  • Easy to remove or relocate after use.

Concrete railway sleepers:

  • Manufactured from very high quality prestressed concrete C 50/60.
  • Track width 1435 mm.
  • Inclination of bearing surface: 1:40.
  • Axle load: 225 kN or more for maximum speed.
  • Adaptable for different rail types.
  • Minimum lifespan is approx. 40 years.
  • Relatively low construction costs.
  • Low C02 foot pressure.
  • Easy to adjust after settlement.

Wooden sleepers

Wooden crane track sleepers are particularly suitable for low wheel loads of up to 450kN.

Wooden crane track sleepers:

  • Mainly made of Azobé or Oak hardwood.
  • Suitable for maximum wheel loads of 450 kN.
  • Minimum lifespan is approx. 20 years.
  • Relatively low construction costs.
  • Delivery with FCA-mark (preferably Bemo Rail).
  • Easy to adjust after settlement.






Wooden railway sleepers:

  • Mainly made of Azobé or Oak hardwood. Other types of wood are possible.
  • Nominal track gauge 1435 mm. Other track gauges on request.
  • Applicable for various back (slope) plates.
  • Axle load: 225 kN or more for maximum speed.
  • Adaptable for various rail types.
  • Life span is approx. 20 years.
  • Relatively low construction costs.
  • Easy to adjust after settlement.
  • Available as new or used.



Synthetic crane track sleepers

Synthetic crane track sleepers are made of recycled plastic, a strong product with a long life span of approx. 50 years. Plastic has been used for bridges worldwide for many years. In addition, it is also used for switches, train tracks, subways, GVB companies and in industrial applications. The advantage is the high production capacity; the product is strong, durable, lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and fully recyclable.

Characteristics of synthetic crane track sleepers

  • Expected service life of approx. 50 years.
  • Fully recycled material & recyclable.
  • High capacity 100,000 units and scalable.
  • Used all over the world.
  • Resistant to forming due to pressure loads.
  • Toughness, plastic absorbs energy during loading.

We also supply synthetic railway sleepers.

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