Mikel Heijdens new operational director Bemo Rail

Since this spring Mikel Heijdens is the operational director at Bemo Rail. Together with commercial director Teun Druijf they form the managing board.

Mikel Heijdens has been working at Bemo Rail since August 2015 and was previously project manager and manager of the Rail Technology department. This year Bemo Rail celebrates its 50th anniversary, a great moment to look to the future with Mikel.

Ready for the futureMikel: “Bemo Rail has acquired a good market position in the last 50 years. We have grown into an international player and are particularly good at translating customer requirements into products. In the coming years we will continue to develop and provide the market with practical products and services. With the in-house technical knowledge , we will strengthen our position in sectors such as ports, shipyards and industry.

In addition to the construction of new shunting vehicles and crane tracks, Bemo Rail is also strong in maintenance work. We have the experience and we are good at it! We offer maintenance contracts in which we support customers to increase the operational reliability of their shunting vehicle or crane track. Even at unique locations such as CERN the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, you will find Bemo Rail that takes care of the maintenance of the rails.

What distinguishes Bemo Rail is that, in addition to a large range of standard products and solutions, we also specialize in customer-specific solutions, thanks to our in-house engineering department and fully equipped workshop.

As operational director, my role is to achieve our common goals with the entire team, so we can help our customers even better.”

Operational director Mikel HeijdensMikel has a background in engineering, he previously worked for a construction company and gained experience as a manager at an international company specialized in fire prevention.

Mikel: “Bemo Rail is an internationally operating company with special products in the field of rail and shunting technology. As a resident of Warmenhuizen, the Dutch village where Bemo Rail is located, I was curious about the company behind the doors. I can now say that much more is happening behind these doors than I had expected before working here.”

Mikel lives with his wife and 10 year old daughter in Warmenhuizen. In his spare time, he can be found with his horses, as a volunteer at the fire brigade and as the press spokesperson for the safety region during incidents and crisis situations.

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